Blackjack Guide

The Welcome Bonus 

An online casino offers a welcome bonus to attract new players. The goal of the blackjack guide is to win this bonus money and maybe something extra and move on to the next online casino. Now with blackjack the odds are in favor of the online casino, but with this blackjack strategy the odds will be in your favor. Online blackjack is different then when playing at a real live casino. You can use help like a blackjack strategy card. You need to use everything that gives you an edge. The Blackjack guide will show you how to win that online casino money. You want proof of my earnings? Click here.

Here's how it works: first of all you need to be able to fund your online casino account. The best way to do this is by joining neteller. Click here to join neteller. It is also possible to fund you account with credit card. I recommend neteller because most casinos will give you a bonus to use it. (Ex. Golden Palace gives 200% to fund your account with credit card but gives a great 300% if you fund your account using neteller).

For US players who still want to play, there are still plenty of online casinos accepting US players simply because they are not situated in the US and so they don’t fall under US laws. Golden Palace and Online Casino are still accepting US players. All you need to do is get a neteller account and get their debit card. If you want to find more online casinos that accept US players just contact me and I’ll have a look.


First of all you need to join an online casino; the best online casino to start with is casino-on-net. However you can pick any casino you want, here is a list with the top 10 Casinos. If you are from the US I suggest Golden Palace.

At casino-on-net the bonus is 100% for up to $200, so if you deposit $200 you get $200 bonus money. Since the wagering requirement for this casino is only 20x bonus only this is by no doubt the best casino to start with. To download casino-on-net click here. Create a real player account, click on cashier once you’re logged in and deposit the amount you want. If you deposit $100 you'll get $100 bonus. For maximum advantage deposit $200 and soon you will have an account of $400.

The Blackjack System


So after you joined a casino and got the bonus money after you made a deposit follow these steps:

·      Join the blackjack table with the lowest possible wager minimum, sometimes its $1 sometimes $2.

·      Use the blackjack strategy card to play the best possible blackjack strategy. Click here to see the them.

·      Wager small until you meet the wagering requirements (WR) which are mentioned in the casinos terms and conditions. If you don't know what wagering requirements (WR) mean click here.

·      Cash out as soon as you meat the requirements and move on to next casino. You can find a list with good casino's here.


If you use flat betting (betting small and the same amounts over and over again) most players should be able to get 70% to 90% of the bonus. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If you get a bonus of $200 you should be able to get $180. When you meat the WR withdraw the bonus amount together with your initial deposit. Don't get greedy, cash out and take your profits.


 The next casino you should play is Intercasino and after Golden Palace. Together with casino on net these are the best and most reputable online casinos on the net. Intercasino does not give out a one time casino bonus, this online casino gives the bonus EACH MONTH. The 100% up to $100 each month, that is $1200 bonus a year! I play this online casino each month, not just because of the bonus but also because of the graphics and the excellent customer support. Golden Palace gives an astonishing 300% bonus up to $100, that’s huge! Play these 3 casinos and keep Intercasino on your computer so you can get the bonus each month. Then move down the top online casino list.  online casino


Here are a few things you need to keep in mind before making a deposit. Even if on my site it says bonus: 100% up to $100 wagering requirement 20x an online casino can change their terms at any given time so you need to:

  • ALWAYS check the terms and conditions for the bonus
  • Look at how much you need to wager before you are able to cash out(WR)
  • Is the bonus sticky or is it cashable? (if you don’t know what sticky bonus is click here)
  • There are some bonuses you can only get through an affiliate link or by entering a bonus code. Most of the time you will be able to find this in the online casino terms.
  • If it’s on the homepage in most cases the only thing you have to do is make a deposit to receive your bonus. Some casinos are have it on the homepage but still require you to enter a bonus(which is not on the homepage)
  • So again ALWAYS read the terms and conditions concerning the bonus.



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