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Betting Systems - Do they work?

Since roulette balls, the dice in craps and the cards in blackjack simply have no memory, every new spin, toss and deal is independent of all past events. In the short run these kinds of systems might seem to work for a while but the longer you play the more chance you’ll have of losing all your money.

A lot of gamblers think that if something didn’t happen for a while it’s more likely to happen sooner rather then later. There must be a million variations of betting systems out there one each more original and fancy then the other but they are all based on the principles of these 2 basic systems.

The Martingale System

The marginal system is the oldest betting system in the world. The time that people where betting on the outcome of the flip of a coin, a gentleman would bet $1 on head and if he lost he would double up his bet. His betting system would look like this $1-loss-$2-loss-$4-loss-$8-win and he would go back to $1. Now this system wouldn’t be a problem if you had an unlimited stack of cash and the casinos would remove their table limits. That’s why casinos invented table limits! So this type of system wouldn’t work anymore.


Another example: Let’s say you’re playing blackjack and the table limit is $500. You start betting $1-loss-$2-loss-$4-loss-$8-loss-$16-loss-$32-loss-$74-loss-$148-loss-$296-loss-$500

Now it’s not that uncommon to lose 10 times in a row! If you add up these amounts you would have lost $1081!

I know a person who has won $40,000 with this system but I also know 100 others that have lost big time using the same system. The guy who won was very lucky, plain and simple. 


If I had to give you advice I wouldn’t recommend this system in a thousand years but some people like using them and I can understand gambling is more exciting with betting systems. I added about 50 betting strategies on my website, click here to see them.

The Anti-Martingale System

The anti-marginal system is the exact opposit of the marginal and involves doubling your bet after a win. It works like this: bet-$1-win-$1-win-$2-win-$2-win-$4-win-$4-loss and after a loss go back to the lowest amount, in this case $1. This system is somewhat safer then the marginal but the fact remains that it can't beat the house edge. Some people are lucky with it for a short time just like with the marginal system but so are people that win a $1,000.000 jackpot. Anyway I don't recommend the system but if you think it can make your gambling experience more exiting there is nothing wrong with that. If you're gambling to make a profit then this is the wrong way.

There are other betting systems out there but most of them are based on these 2 principles and none of them really work in the long term. If you find one that works let me know. email

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Warm regards,

Timmy Deleu



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