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Jacks or Better Strategy

Jack or Better is the most popular video poker game and with good reason. It's very fun to play and when you use our jacks or better strategy card you can win a lot of money. Jacks or better video poker is suitable for novice players as well and the rules and tips to win are quickly absorbed. If you have never played video poker before start with Jacks Or Better is the perfect intro. Here is what the jacks or better strategy will learn you:

  1. Wich jacks or better machine has the best odds
  2. Some basic tips you can use for all video poker games
  3. How to use the jacks or better strategy card


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Play Free Video Poker - Jacks or Better!
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Jacks-or-Better gives you a 99.54% expected rate of return when played correctly. On the front of the machine you can check the payouts and pick the ones with the best odds.

Here are payouts for a Full House and a Flush respectively on various machines.

The best odds when you play Jacks or better Are best on a 9 / 6 machine, it simply pays out more money so go with this machine.

Jacks or Better Tips

The jacks or better tips are the same for any video poker game, the only thing thats different is the strategy card. I will go over some of the basic tips as part  of our jacks or better strategy.

  1. Always play the maximum number of coins in order to be eligible for the bonus payout for a royal flush. You can’t win without hitting it in any video poker game so this is the hand that is vital. To do this you need to be able to play for a long time banking smaller wins until you hit it.
  2. Take your time to study every hand and play correctly. The machine is in no hurry when you play Jacks or Better and neither should you be.
  3. Only 21% of the hands dealt are winning ones in Jacks or Better, meaning 79% are you guessed it losing hands. The difference between success and failure for players is the ability to convert the 79% of losing hands into potential winners and this involves using strategy. If you follow the rules below you will convert a good number of losing hands to winners in Jacks or Better video poker

Jacks or Better Strategy

The best way to learn how to use the strategy card is by playing for free, and practise. If you click on the image to the right a new window will open with a flash version of the jacks or better video poker game. You don't have to register or download anything; just one click and you're in.

Just print out the strategy card or hold it next to you on your screen while playing. Once you get the hang of it start playing for real. 

Click to Play Free Flash Game!
Play Free Video Poker - Jacks or Better!

If you look at the strategy card you'll see two columns, one that says "hand" and one that says "discard". To use the strategy card start a game of video poker and look at the hand you've been dealt. Now compare the hand on the strategy card starting at the top and working your way down. You need to pick the highest hand on the list. So if you have 2 pairs you will discard 1 and hold 4 cards.

Again you should keep the highest hand on the list.

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