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The math behind roulette is simple, but it also has some of the worst odds in online casino gaming. A good roulette strategy is hard to find but on this page you'll find the best.

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Roulette Tips:

  • Always choose the European wheel over the American Wheel as this wheel will give you a 2.63% edge over the house.
  • If you have noticed that one number is being spun more often than the others out of around 100 spins then you may have what is called a biased wheel. This is one of the only true advantages a player has against the casino. This is for playing at live casinos
  • If you are going to play even money bets, then stick with one or the other and not switch back and forth.
  • When playing even money bets, go with odd or even versus the red and black even money bets.
  • Depending on the online casino, column bets are often the best roulette bet for the online games. Choose a column and hang in there with it.
  • Because of the luck/chance nature of roulette, players should always bear in mind that with games such as these the number one priority should be to have fun, whilst making a profit.
  • You can place as many bets as you like on a single spin of the wheel up to the table maximum.
  • Some casinos use a rule called en prison. When a zero or double zero hits, the player loses half the bet, or can let the bet remain in play, with the results to be determined on the next spin. This rule only applies to even money bets.
  • With the 38-number American wheel, the house has a big 5.26 percent edge. (Whenever 0 or 00 are hit, all bets lose.)
  • With the 37-number European wheel, the house advantage is 2.7 percent. In other words, on every $100 bet the house makes $2.70. With the en prison rule, this edge drops to just 1.35 percent.

Roulette Strategy:

1) One Roulette strategy is known as the martingale system. The martingale system was developed in 18th century France as a simple betting system where a player in a coin toss of heads and tails was made to double his bet after every loss, so that when or if he eventually won, he would win back all his losses from just that one win. Of course a player’s chance of winning was dependent on how much money he had to continue playing since, statistically speaking, the player’s bet would win at some point. Since many players did not possess infinite wealth, many of them ended up going brankrupt. The system is basically the same today but casinos set maximum and minimum limits at roulette tables. But the system works like this, a player makes a bet and if a player loses his bet, he doubles his next bet. But here’s what you should know about the martingale system. Suppose that a player applies the martingale betting system to an American roulette board with 0 and 00 values, and bets on either balck or red to win 18 times out of each 38. If the player’s initial bankroll is $160 and the betting unit is $10, the player will make a win in approximately 96% of the sessions he plays, gaining an average of $4:30 from every winning session. In the remaining 4% of sessions, the player will “bust”, exhausing his bankroll for a loss of $160. It follows then that the average session lossess of the gambler employing this strategy are $2:27. Given a larger bankroll, the odds of making a win before running out of money increases, but the average winnings grow more slowly than the losses, so the game remains a losing proposition. The most important thing that is not taken into account with this system is that players forget that the casinos will never make circumstances ideal for a player, and that is what this strategy requires. With this roulette strategy you bet the minimum and in 7 or 8 hands you should reach the table max. To use the Martingale system you have to place even money bets. One of the most popular bets for players using this system is to bet black or red on the roulette wheel. (This is also one of the best games for showing you the flaws in the Martingale system.) But the fact remains that no betting system will change the overall casino edge and the Martingale system can be disastrous when things go bad. To see an example of this roulette strategy click here.

2) Another Roulette Strategy is the Black/ Red System - This is a simple game of colors, the only two colors on a roulette wheel in fact, and they are black and red. Because 1/2 of the numbers are red and 1/2 black (minus of course the casino advantage of 0 of 00) a bet on a red or black number coming up has a 50-50 chance of winning. If you were able to accurately pick the correct color every-other spin, you would break even, minus 2 in every 38 spins (for 0, 00). With this in mind, try the following: Bet on a color. If you win, take your winning and leave your original bet for the next spin. Start at $1 and if things work bet more, such as $3 to $5, if you can afford it. Double your bet after a loss. If the next bet also loses, take the loss and start over again. As long as you win, collect your winnings and leave your original bet. Switching colors will not change your odds of winning. Each color has the same chance of coming up on every spin. I have had sessions when I never lost more than three straight times, but I have also seen the wrong color come up 12 times in a row. You can play the same system using Odd/Even or High/Low.

3) The "Five Numbers" System - This strategy calls for straight-up inside bets where you get paid 35 to 1 if you win. You will place your bets on five individual numbers. Don’t forget 0 and 00 are part of the inside numbers you can wager on. Many people like to play birthdays, anniversaries or other favorite dates. Pick any five numbers; they all have the exact same chance of winning. Find a game where the minimum bet is no more than $5 and buy forty $1 chips ($40). If you limit yourself to relatively small stakes you can’t get badly hurt. With this system you hope to get lucky two consecutive times. Start by placing one chip on each of your five chosen numbers. Repeat this same wager until you win, you have enough chips for eight tries. When the ball comes to rest on one of your numbers, you win 35 chips. This is where it gets exciting. Divide the 35 chips over your five number fields, seven on each. If you hit again the payoff will be 7 x 35 = $245.00! At this point you could collect your winnings and quit, or you could risk 100 of the chips you’ve won by placing 20 on each of those same five numbers. If you get lucky again, you’ll be up $700.00. But smart gamblers not only know when to quit, but also know the difference between games of chance and games of skill.

4) The double down strategy has been known to work and is simple. Pick either red or black and bet on whichever color you choose. If you don't win in the first game, then double your bet. Repeat this method until your color hits. The problem with this strategy is that casinos hate it when you bet roulette this way and may ask you to leave the table or even the casino altogether.

5) The single most important strategy to remember when playing roulette is that it is a game of chance, but vigilance and being wise about playing bets can yield a profit.

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