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Just to recap:
Every time you win with one unit, you repeat it once again, and if you win a second time proceed to the next unit in that level.
If you've completed all units in one level you go up to the first unit in the next new level and continue as before.

If we had been playing the standard 'Double or Die' suicide progression, (2,4,8 etc) we'd only have 2 x 8 = 16 chips because after every win we'd go back to starters with the initial bet of 2.

With Guetting, after 8 consecutive wins we have 30 units and this is the first interesting point on dear old Guetting' s   contribution to mankind.

It get's even better since Guetting had an escape plan.

If you haven't wondered up till now about what happens when we lose, then you really did take Greek at college....

What do you do after a loss, or two losses?
Or worse still - a series of losses?

This is where the levels come into play.

As already explained, if you lose on the first time on any unit,you go back to the first unit of the previous level. If in level
1 you stay on unit 1 all the time in case of repetitive losses.If you lose on the second bet of a unit - then you start again from
that same unit since one loss cancels out one win.

But if we continue to lose.....several times in a row.....

Here's the same series as before:

(first and only unit in level 1)
2 = win = gain 2
2 = win = gain 4

(next level - level 2 - unit 1)
3 = win = gain 7
3 = win = gain 10

(still level 2 - unit 2)
4 = win = gain 14
4 = win = gain 18

(still level 2 - unit 3)
6 = win = gain 24
6 = win = gain 30

and then on the ninth spin we get a losing streak....

On the ninth spin you should have bet: 8

Here's the table again:
First level  = 2 unit
Second level = 3 / 4 / 6 units
Third level  = 8 / 12 / 16 units
Fourth Level = 20 / 30 / 40 units

If you lose on the ninth bet then you've still got a gain of
22 units (30 - 8 = 22).
What do we do now?
We regress from the third level (8) back to the first unit in level #2 and this is unit 3.

Here's the table again:
First level  = 2 unit
Second level = 3 / 4 / 6 units
Third level  = 8 / 12 / 16 units
Fourth Level = 20 / 30 / 40 units

If we lose again, this means we have 22 -3 = 19 and we again regress to the first unit in the preceding and lower level.

In this case it's Level #1 and the 2 unit bet.If we continue to lose we continue to bet 2 units - ALL the time.

If for example we won 8 times in a row and then lost 9 times in a row, all we have gained is 5 units.
Was it worth it?

Check these charts and then you tell us if you think it was worth it:

Can it get better?
If you add our fuzzy logic it can.

Once again we modify this system, leaving it exactly as it is but after two losses on one color we use the 'Jump the Tram'

This means that if you start playing on red for example, and black decides to come out 25 times in a row, if you play the classical 'stick to my breeches' system, you're going to be 50 units down after 25 spins.

Better down 50 units than if we had used the Double or Die system (Martingale) where we'd be around 16,000 units down with no chance of redoubling after the 14th spin due to the table limit.

And exactly because of the long negative series it would be a pity not to jump on a better tram.

And this is what we do with the Guetting system.So if we started on red, after two losses we jump onto black,
and so on.

So basically the Guetting system remains the same as far as the levels, their units and the losing sequences just explained but you DON'T stick to the same color and jump onto the other color after two consecutive losses."

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