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Casino Bonuses

There are many different top gambling bonuses that you can get in different casinos, all of which you’ll need to reach a wagering requirement to be able to cash out. Always read the terms and conditions until you understand how to meet the wagering requirements. So if you need to play $1000 of wagers in blackjack before you can cash out, but instead you play the slots you won’t be able to cash out. This is different for all casinos, so read their terms and conditions!

Here is a list of top bonuses you can get in online casinos:

Free money bonus:

-This is given to new players when they make their first deposit.

Sticky bonus:

-This a bonus you can play with but not withdraw, you can however withdraw your earnings after meeting the wagering requirements. Example: you get a sticky bonus of $500 when you deposit $100. After meeting the wagering requirements you have $1000 in you account. When you withdraw the bonus amount of $500 will be deducted and you’ll receive $500 of profit.

No deposit bonus:

-Some casinos offer a bonus that does not require a deposit, it only requires a new player to create a real player account and he gets the bonus.

Risk free bonus:

-This bonus is given to players that register a real player account. The wagering requirements are on the bonus only.

Match bonus:

-When a new player makes his first deposit he gets this bonus.

-The casino that matches this deposit with a percentage of your total deposit.

Example: a casino offers a match bonus of 100% of up to $100, you’ll get $100 bonus when you deposit $100 thus your account will now contain $200.

Monthly or reload bonus

-Players can get this bonus if they make a deposit each month.

Loyalty bonus

-When you play long enough at the same casino, some casinos will reward this with a loyalty bonus.

Keep in mind that you always must read the online casinos terms and conditions before making a deposit. It really sucks when you played for hours and you finally think you met the wagering requirements only to find out that you where risking your money at the wrong game.

To start your bonus hunting you should start here. This is a top gambling list of the top 20 casinos which offer you the top gambling bonuses and are fair and reputable. If it’s possible play blackjack and wager small. It’s true that the bigger you wager the faster you’ll meet the wagering requirements, but it’s also true that you’ll have a bigger chance at busting out your account leaving you with nothing.

If you must play craps, roulette or poker look at the pages with some tactic’s for those games. Try to wager small in any of these games.

Click here to pick your first casino, keep your head cool and happy bonus hunting!!!

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