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Craps Tips

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Craps is a fun game but there are a lot of scammers on the internet that are selling system that claim to beat craps. The biggest craps tips are that you should know the house edge cannot be beaten and so no system can make you a sure winner. What you can do is play with a good strategy and avoid all those sucker bets.

If you look at a craps table you’ll see that the casino reserved clear spots for almost all bets, except the odds bet, which of course has the best odds in the game. Don’t get tempted, play wisely and leave the table while you’re winning.

  • Know the rules before you start playing. If the table is busy don’t try to rely on the dealer for help.
  • Don’t be too confused by all the fancy language at the craps tables, you’ll learn the terminology while playing.
  • Don’t loose your mind and with it your money. It’s easy to get excited at the craps tables but stick to you strategy and avoid the sucker bets.
  • Make sure you give the dice a good toss, when making a bad toss you’ll have to throw the dice again and this way you slow down the game.
  • Keep your hand off the table so they don’t get away of a toss.
  • Don’t put your drinks on the tables
  • Don’t listed to advice of other players
  • You should play the pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come bets as much as possible for the best odds.
  • Make sure that when you make a line or a come bet, you can back it up with full odds.
  • Avoid the proposition bets (the ones in the middle of the table), it will save you a lot of money.
  • You should tip the dealer but don’t make a sucker bet; make a bet that has good odds.
  • Be sure to pick up your winning when you leave the table, it’s your responsibility.

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