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Slot Rules

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Forget everything you heard about slots, personally slots are my favorite game after blackjack. Slots is of course based mostly on luck, however the odds aren’t that bad at all. It depends on how the payout is set. I think most slot machines are set to payout anywhere from 85% to 99%. So if the payout is set on 95% this means on every $100 spent the online casino earns $5 and gives a payout of $95; this is how online casinos make money with slots. Then again every single spin is totally random. One of the biggest fables is that when the slots machine just gave a big jackpot, it won’t be giving a jackpot anytime soon again. As every spin is totally random it’s as much possible you’ll get 2 jackpots in a row as you won’t get any jackpot in 10,000 spins.

The odds are also different depending on which type of slots you’re playing on. With some games your odds increase the longer you play. Some slots give bigger rewards if you play the maximum coins allowed.

  1. Slot machines are a game purely of chance, that is, it is a game which is based on luck.
  2. Slot machines require coins. Different slot machines vary in the maximum and minimum valued of coins required to play the particular machine. Some machines require as low as a nickel.

Those are the rules of slot machines. Very basic indeed, and it is for this reason that slot machines continue to be an attractive, relaxing, enjoyable way to pass the time and make some money while having fun.

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